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core work

i recently realized i had never shared this piece here, even though i consider it one of my core works. it developed over time throughout the year of 2022 and helped me define textures, stitches, layers and materials that are central to my work. it was here that i realized how important textures and density are for me, and how often i make decisions by how materials feel when being stitched on and how threads feel when i use them. everything else is secondary. it also opened up a very intuitive way of working, allowing the materials to also make decisions and working collaboratively with them.

at the time i started this piece, i took a workshop with Claire Wellesley-Smith and it was there that i had a few aha moments that really changed my work. it especially informed my abstract pieces, and even though the concepts have evolved since, this piece still is very much a starting point.

i usually take this piece with me when i'm running workshops, talk about my work or even when i participate in markets, and many people react quite strongly to it. people are very drawn to touch it (which i always encourage), which speaks to the tactile quality of it and my thoughts around texture and touch.

it is stitched on antique, handwoven linen with various silk and cotton threads, incorporating wool, silk and cotton fabrics.


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