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tiny quilts V

these six tiny quilts were part of a "getting unstuck" exercise i did a while ago right after finishing the lichen embroidery piece. in between projects or right after finishing a project is always a weird spot for me, so i tried to just give myself an afternoon of play and throw six tiny quilt designs together and see how that goes. each quilt idea took about 5 to 10 minutes at the max – much, much faster than i would ususally decide, and that felt really easy and playful and not so much up in my head.

i chose from a bundle of scraps - part of my stash of (vintage) fabrics and part small to tiny scraps that were left overs from various workshops, some run by colleagues who also save fabric scraps and generously share their fabric savings with me.

piecing and sewing and quilting them took a bit longer then, as i started my next embroidery project right after – so the afternoon of speed quilt assembling did get me unstuck after all and able to move forward to a next project.

22 x 13 cm

15 x 16 cm

14 x 13 cm

15 x 16 cm

14 x 20 cm

18 x 18 cm

all six of them are hand pieced and hand sewn and hand quilted. cotton batting. hand quilted with cocons calais cotton thread by maison sajou in colourways 6924 brighton rock & 6934 cornflower.


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