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I offer consultation on topics like

  • Staff, Recruitment, Job Application - I offer my expertise to businesses for recruitment (I especially like supporting small businesses without an HR team in the whole recruitment process) and I support people through the whole cycle of finding a new job

  • Training & Development for Staff

  • Planning, Structuring & Organisation

  • Collaboration, Co-Creation, Team Building

  • Communication

  • Organisational Culture

  • Strategy, Development & Change

  • Creativity

  • Leadership

  • Motivation

  • Time Management

I am an Open Space Facilitator and a Street Wisdom Facilitator.



I have been working with textiles since I can remember. Both my grandmas were seamstresses, and my mum taught me first skills with needle and thread.


Adding on to that I learned about historical seam construction and hand sewing techniques from Sarah E. Woodyard, Sashiko from Atsushi Futatsuya and Creative Work (The Creative's Workshop) from Seth Godin.


And I spent a lot of time honing my crafts – hand embroidery, hand sewing, hand quilting, visible mending (= visibly repairing textiles), indigo & plant dyeing, and with developing and creating textile projects.


What I love most about working with textiles and my hands is the inevitable flow and how it slows me down in a certain way.


In my artistic as well as in my artisan, craft-focused projects I mostly work with vintage or second hand textiles; old linen is my passion. Textiles carry so much of our and their history, and that is a reason why working with old materials is such a rich and interesting experience.

I do pass on my experience and processes in workshops; I usually tailor them to individual needs and wishes. You can find all my upcoming workshops in my Workshop Calendar.


In my webshop you'll find selected, high-quality materials that I like to work with myself.

I always found it tedious to order my tools and materials in a complicated way from all over the world and thought it would be great to have a shop where I could find a selection of really good yarns, needles and haberdashery and preferably have everything in one place.

I have chosen the product range in my shop for its quality. Good tools and good material are important to me, they make work easier, more beautiful and better. At the same time, I support manufacturers of high-quality products who are concerned about the craftsmanship and quality of the production of their goods.

There is also a changing range of vintage products - yarns, fabrics, needles. Some vintage products are of stunning quality, some of which is no longer available. I also offer such finds in my webshop.

Have fun browsing!

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