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tiny quilts IV

these are all tiny quilts i made over the course of the last 10 months and never got around to share. they have been made with very different ideas in mind, there is even a series of three tiny quilts that somehow belong together.


this tiny quilt came from experimenting with ideas inspired by the pattern magic books by nakamichi tomoko. last autumn i was intrigued by working in three dimensions and combining quilting with 3d elements and this tiny quilt is the result.

top and backing are linen; cotton batting for the quilt and wool/swiss pine filling for the cube. hand quilted with plant dyed vintage cotton thread.

measurements: 20 x 30 cm; the cube is 3 x 3 x 3 cm.


this is a pattern exercise, mixing plant dyed fabric, re-used fabric and new, synthetically dyed fabrics in one quilt.

top and backing are linen and cotton fabrics; cotton batting; hand quilted with vintage buttonhole silk.

measurements: 31 x 33 cm.


the flannel fabric i used for the top and the backing inspired this tiny quilt. the fabric is vintage cotton flannel that had been manufactured in vorarlberg. i had found a bolt of deadstock and wanted to get to know the fabric a bit better. it is wonderfully soft and dreamy, i could imagine a pyjama would be the perfect use for this fabric. here it has become a soft, gentle tiny quilt.

top is vintage cotton flannel, vintage cotton and re-used linen, backing is vintage cotton flannel, binding is nani iro cotton double gauze; cotton batting; hand quilted with vintage buttonhole silk.

measurements: 25 x 25 cm.


with this one it's debatable if it's a tiny quilt or a stimming tool or both. the idea came from a fabric shopping tour with friends, and while feeling ourself through a vast fabric depot, we had fun discovering fabrics that felt really exciting or pleasing to our touch. this shiny camouflage fabric was the one we all liked most, it has a slippery, soft, strange feel to it that our fingers really liked. the fabric itself is something i personally would never buy; it's plastic, it's not fun to work with, it's kind of useless, because the shimmery layer comes off when it gets wet, also - shiny camouflage, where is the sense in that? - but it was fun to touch, so i bought a piece.

everything in this piece is about touch, so i didn't bother with optics and looks. one side is slippery, foil-like, the other side is soft, flannel-y. you put it in your pocket and let your fingers decide which side they prefer. your hand and fingers can rest against a cool, sleek surface or be wrapped in soft, plushy flannel or play with both sides and enjoy the contrast.

top is probably polyester, backing is vintage cotton flannel, cotton batting; hand quilted with mulberry silk thread.

measurements: 14 x 12 cm.


the next two tiny quilts are kind of siblings; both were joyful play with fabric cuttoffs from workshops a colleague of mine is running. she keeps all the leftover bits and pieces and i am allowed to rummage through the boxes every now and then. tiny quilts only need tiny pieces of fabric.

top and backing are cotton, cotton batting; hand quilted with vintage cotton embroidery thread.

top and backing are cotton and linen; cotton batting; hand quilted with vintage cototn embroidery thread.


the next three tiny quilt form a little series in which i was experimenting with textures rather than with colour or patterns for their designs.

in the first one i worked with fine linen and a heavy cotton/linen crepe; additionally the crepe is woven quite loosely and the thread i used for quilting is very fine; so all in all textiles and combinations i wouldn't normally have chosen until now, but i wanted to see how they would work in a quilt.

top is cotton, linen and a cotton/linen crepe, backing is linen; cotton batting; hand quilted with maison sajou cocons calais cotton thread.

measurements: 18 x 20 cm.


the second tiny quilt in this series hardly uses any colour except for the quilting thread. the pin tucks i worked into the top are a continuation of my thoughts around 3d structures in quilts, even though they are much less elevated than the cube from the first quilt in this post.

the top is linen, the backing is cotton/linen crepe; cotton batting; hand quilted with maison sajou cocons calais cotton thread.

measurements: 21 x 21 cm.


for the third tiny quilt in this series i tried to merge my abstract embroidery with my quilting practice, adding textured linen and embroidering/quilting it onto the surface. again, no colours exept for the quilting/embroidery trheads.

the top and backing are linen; cotton batting; hand embroidered/quilted with linen thread by maiso nsajou and various silk embroidery threads by au ver à soie.

measurements: 23 x 18 cm.

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