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53°42'21.4"N 7°12'06.3"E

Aktualisiert: 6. März

53°42'21.4"N 7°12'06.3"E

this latest piece is part of a series of works about the essence of place, memory and identity i'm currently working on. it is not the first piece of the series; my latest two tiny quilts "u3 volkstheater" and "wild im west" are parts of it as well.

i'm not yet ready to write in depth about the project, the words still need to ferment while i keep on working on additional pieces.

these are questions that guide my work at the moment:

which colours make the unique palette of a landscape?

what does remain of a landscape if you depict it only through colour and texture?

what is the essence of a landscape and how does it look?

why do certain landscapes evoke such strong memories and become part of our identity, while others don't?

what are the places that shape me?

which parts of a landscape stick in your memory so that they become synonyms for each other?

how is it possible that some landscapes feel like home, even though you experience them for the first time?

which elements can you leave out so that the landscape is still recognizable?

does the landscape or place need to be recognizable for the viewer?

even though this piece is not really about lichen, it is also about lichen. the species is xanthoria parietina, common orange lichen or maritime sunburst lichen (gewöhnliche gelbflechte in german). it grows on rocks or walls near shores and inland on walls, rocks and tree bark.

backside aka guts:

. wet felted mountain sheep wool with silk fiber; hand embroidered with vintage silk thread and soie d‘alger silk thread by au ver à soie. 15 x 16 cm

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