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summer holiday tiny quilt

since i started hand stitching (hand sewing, embroidery, sashiko, …) i almost always take something to stitch with me when i'm traveling. mostly it's projects i'm currently working on. on holidays i want to have a bit of creative play though, so this summer i took a bundle of fabric scraps, a bit of batting material and a collection of threads, so i would be able to make one or several small objects, but not be tempted to start a larger thing. just something to enjoy, keep my fingers busy and play around with. i did not end up sewing or stitching a lot, i mostly collected impressions, colour palettes, memories, natural materials like stones, shells, fibers, … the little bit of stitching i did was throroughly enjoyable though, and one of the things that i made was this tiny quilt. it was a one-afternoon-project and perfect to find some quiet and slow down at the beginning of our holidays.

the top is made from linen fabric pieces, the light blue and the sand-coloured ones are plant dyed with indigo and black cornflower. the rest is merchant & mills linen. it's hand quilted with linen thread and batted with a light cotton fleece. all the colours are inspired by the northsea, the freesian landscape and the light qualities in the summer.

the back is a piece of cotton muslin which i wanted to test for quilting. while i like the fabric, i think i wouldn't necessarily use it again for a quilt or a quilt backing. it still works for this tiny quilt.

dimensions for this quilt are 22 cm x 17 cm.

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