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"wild im west" tiny quilt

my last tiny quilt "u3 volkstheater" was the first one that represented a place in a literal way; i had worked the quilt very much after how the actual place looks. i had done a quilt representing a place before, it was a tiny quilt made during holidays at the north sea and i had worked with the colours of the landscape, but it was an abstract image of the space and time i spent there.

"u3 volkstheater" got me interested in discovering "quilt patterns" in my surroundings and translating them into actual quilts. when i found this wall with painted wooden slates leaning against it in our community garden, it just asked to become a quilt:

i still had some grey linen leftovers from the "u3 volkstheater" tiny quilt, which would work for the wooden slates, but no fabrics in the colours of the painted areas. after one of my workshops i rummaged through the box where a lovely colleague usually collects cut offs and leftovers from her sewing workshops, and i found pieces of fabric in all the bright and right colours i needed. sometimes a quilt just wants to be made, and all the pieces fall into place.

and here is the quilted version of these wooden slates:

top is linen with appliquéed pieces of cotton and linen; back is a vintage cotton duvet cover; cotton batting; quilted with soie d'alger by au ver à soie.

dimensions: 30 x 51 cm.

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